Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

CWI does not usually keep finished mist eliminators in stock. The specifications vary significantly between mesh pads, so we always fabricate according to customer specifications. However, we do keep various grades of knitted mesh and grid stock on hand.

Yes! Our knitted wire mesh is available in bulk with a wide range of alloys. Visit our bulk mesh page for more detailed product information, and contact our sales team with any additional questions.

Tech-Mesh™ mist eliminators are a low cost option that provides excellent removal efficiency over a wide range of conditions.

Removal to 10 micron will result in a relatively dry outlet gas.

Make note of the clean start-up pressure drop across the unit.  An increase in pressure drop would indicate flooding or fouling.  A decrease in pressure drop would indicate some mesh is missing due to corrosion or a high pressure episode.

The industry standard is a 9 lb/ft3 density in either 4 inch or 6 inch thick.

Mist eliminators are often installed through narrow manways. Therefore, large pads are often split into multiple sections to accommodate the space restriction. The size and quantity of mesh segments is determined by the available space, and overall dimensions of the pad itself. Multiple sections are not necessarily required for smaller pads that can be carried through a manway in one piece.

To some degree, it depends on what is causing the issue.  Some solids can be dissolved while others are less prone to removal.  If the mesh structure is compromised, it is time for a replacement. Visit our products page to learn about ordering a custom demister pad.

In many cases, yes.  CWI can optimize the mesh thickness and mesh style for better droplet removal efficiencies.

Central Wire carries bulk mesh and demister pads for tower internals, as well as welding wire and rod for turnaround season repairs.

Service Questions

CWI engineers can assist with recommendations once the operating conditions, flow rates are understood.

Contact our sales team directly by email and phone [email protected] | 1-800-325-5861. Submit a general inquiry or request for quotation on our contact page.